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Team Fable, fable studio co


A mother of one boy, two cats and heaps of indoor plants who loves creating and daydreaming. A very hands-on crafty lady who is married to a quiet florist. A sugar addict and night owl stay up to maximise efficiency. The worst spelling person in the world. (the auto-correction saves my life most of the time, kinda.) A 100% introvert, not really good at talking, but good with listening. Scopophobia. actually, I am just a bit camera shy. A very visual person loves textures, materials, and lighting.

I have this love and hate relationship with new challenges, same as Fable's IG reel collections. Graduated as an interior designer, now working as a wedding planner and stylist (that was a long story, I will tell you when I meet you) and freelance graphic designer.  A self-taught chalk art/lettering meditator, who has a new Instagram account setup called Studio Nobody (this is not important). 

This is me, Wendy. I Love stories, love the people in the stories and who are behind the stories. The story is the only thing that can excite my nerves and make a piece of memory and stories are the only thing you can pass on to the next generation.


I am a Sydney florist, specializing in wedding and event floral services.

I am THE quiet florist.

Besides flower lovers, I am also a plant hoarder and love to create things taking time, I mean terrariums. They are my type of meditation and we run out of the room for them. 

Team Fable, fable stuido co, Sydney wedding florist
Team Fable, Fable Studio Co


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