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Wedding planning is a long and complicated process.

If you are out of track or need an extra pair of hands, maybe two pairs, working on the planning you don't have time or patience to do. Here we are. Yes, we are providing planning services.

Our wedding planning philosophy is very simple, make it comfortable. Meet the planning team who are very good on execution but really chill to deal with, if that is your type of planner. We are not the type to conquer the world that is against you, but we are the type to make the world work with you.

wedding planning

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styling & floral

As a Sydney wedding styling business, we are providing a full styling design that starts from scratch. From digital lookbook to the big day reveal, we will make sure design and reality are consistent and align with your original vision.

We have in-house florists, it will save you time and energy from coordinating between stylist and florist, or even venues.

Modern, romantic, simplicity and fun is the principle of style that guide us to deliver the works. And that is the reason you are seeing this site.

We also provide Floral Only services, if, for any reason, the full styling services are not what you required, we are happy to work with you for your wedding floral design to make your wedding happen the way you want.

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No two weddings are the same.


What we do is design THE wedding that suits you. From your personality, preference, and your lifestyle. Every perspective reflects you and is related to you.


The keywords for our services are communication, vision, execution, and celebration. That is the whole process you will be experiencing from us as your stylist, your florist or your planner.


The pandemic tested our resilience and also tested couples' time-managing flexibility and decision-making turnover. Wedding planning is already difficult from any point of view and the changes make the process even harder. We have been there and we've gone through it over and over again. Putting myself into my client's shoes, I know the frustration. We are here to help, walk you through the process and help you to get the pressure and stress off if possible.


Wedding is a beautiful moment in life, we also want to make the process as beautiful as it can be.

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