Rings Makers 2016

January 21, 2016

So let’s talk about “the engagement ring.”


Whether you're a guy thinking about proposing this year or lady simply dreaming about the wedding ring of your dreams...


Whatever the case may be, we have perused the net to bring you the best of the best boutique ring makers from around the world.


Fable Studio Co presents to you....


Custom fine jewellry & engagement rings. You better prepare yourself and enjoy what this post has in store.


There are various talent & bespoke ring makers in this world that you may or may not know of yet. Fable Studio Co loves designers who inspire high-end craftsmanship and ethical production. Each design is unseen in the ring industry and this uniqueness can be seen by the many styles and design.


Here are just a few of our favourites, as there are too many to choose from!





Anna Sheffield 





New York Based Designer 


"Precious rare antique gemstones" 


"Attention to detail"


"Exquisite materials"


"Will be passed down for generations to come..."







Aninna Vogel





London Based Designer






"Iconic trinket"
















             Jennifer Dawes



                     VINE SIGNET CHAMPAGNE                                     DIAMOND RING


                    San Francisco Based Designer




                   "One of a kind"


                    "Artistic & ethical"













                           Sharron Khazzam.



                                         MULTICOLOUR GEMSTONE                                                          MELANGE  RING


                                         New York Based Designer 


                                         "One of a kind"


                                         "Meticulous Care"


                                         "Haute Couture" 


                                         "Experimental Refinement"







    Maison Margiela



    BI-SECTED TWO 0.5 CARAT                               DIAMOND


    Paris Based Designer 


    "Love united"


    "Romantic milestone"


     "Openness & Constancy                        of time"


    "beyond classical convention"







Thank you for reading this far!! We hope we have helped you find some new inspiration to finding that perfect ring.


Look forward to our next post about Wedding Dresses for Spring/Summer 2016!


Please also let us know which one is your favourite ring from the lot.

Have a wonderful day everyone!


Love Yen xoxo

Director - Fable Studio Co

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