I'm not sleeping, I'm just think without open my eyes.

Shh~~ I'm not sleeping, I'm just thinking without open my eyes.

Cover image design by Simon Prades


I'm thinking the relationship between 2D and 3D. Why just shadows can make 2D graphic looks like 3D? So don't complain you are living in the shadow, that makes your life not flat anymore.

By Richard Keeling Design


I'm thinking what's inside my head and body. It might have heaps of minions make my dream come true.

By Sam Falconer


I'm thinking do I ask too much in my life, but how much is too much?

By Rose Wong


While we doing graphic research for one of our clients, my eyes had been catched by those amazing illustration works. I really want to share and show the world being an artist or designer you need have a lot of inside thoughts and strong emotion to engage your audiences. That is what we trying to achieve for every single case, make the moment to become a story.

#graphic #emotion

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