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Now it is my turn to talk about myself. I don’t even know where to start. I have found that my life path goes the other way around rather than the way it should be.

OK! This is me. I’ve grown up in China. Like most of the kids in China, I didn’t have much chance to develop my interest or habit outside of school when I was young. All of the kids had the same goal, which is to go to a better college and find a better job. That seems the only and final destination for all of us. The whole childhood has been planned like setting up a GPS navigation, we were directly heading to the setted destination. We didn't have to think where it would be because “we will be getting there eventually”.

Obviously, studying in Australia was a part of journey.

Making a long story short, I have finished my Commerce in Finance degree at Macquarie University and got the job offer from Citi Bank. It didn’t go that smoothly in the years between, but I finally got it and I was super excited. I had arrivied my destination! However the exciting life didn't last long, I started to get bored and slowly seen my future in next 30 years. Then I had realised how scary if you could see the certainty of future. There wouldn't be anything excited or anything looking forward.

I need to find my way out and choose where I’m going next. I want to pursue a different and more exciting challenge and that is why I chose to study Commercial Interior Design at Billy Blue. I just want to go to my unknown future without people telling me where I should go. This journey might be pivoting, that is ok, this could make me a stronger explorer.

Here I am, start my adventure and ready to face my next challenge.


I don’t have much talent like Yen could show the world, so I've decided to attach some uni works with this post, hopefully that could show my personality to make you know me a little bit more.

I've picked few images of my work to show here, I am deciding later on to link my portfolio on the main site under 'OUR TEAM'. That will be more organised and more clearly describe the background and inspirations of each project.

Partis models reflect emotions of a social issue for interactive space project. Images need to express the relationship between audience and space. Click the image to see what emotions they are.

Click To See Large Image

Smart LED Light APP Interface Design (Partial)

Residential Interior Project

Hospitality Interior Project

Retail Interior Project

Wendy xoxo

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