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Hi guys,

My name is Yen and I am one part of the Fable Studio Co Team. We thought it'd be nice for you to get to know more about us personally so you can understand how we became Fable Studio Co.

I’d like to share with you a little story about my beginning as a child.

When I turned 5-6 years old was around the time I could first pick up a pencil and draw ‘cool things’.

I vividly remember everyone around me was drawing scribbles and I had already developed the ability to draw a realistic human being and a realistic home.

Growing up I fast learnt being my own person and making my own decisions would be the destiny of my childhood as my parents were busy working all the time. I spent the majority of my time creating, drawing, singing, and making amateur films in my bedroom.

My bedroom became a sanctuary to create, and I eventually sold paintings and had some of my work hung in a public theatre in Brisbane.

I am a passionate film enthusiast that sparked interest in travel and from this I discovered a growing creation existing outside my bedroom and so I took the leap to leave the nest and study Commercial Interior Design in Sydney.

Nature, photography and textiles inspire a lot of my work to this day. It’s important to create and experiment with no just one medium. Four years ago I created my first rice paper series ‘Vietnam’. The Vietnamese Rice Fields inspired this work and by using watercolours on real rice paper, I was able to express the vivid texture and colours that can be seen.

Heritage will continue a distinct part of my artwork. The Sketch Series ‘Sapa’ made on black paper and white pencil. I wanted to create a series of portrait drawings showing the real people from the rural Vietnamese community.

I feel very humble to have this opportunity to embark on an entreneurship journey with Wendy where we can inspire and create new designs for others and celebrate stories with new friends and partners.

I love to create and feel very lucky I can share this creativity and passion with others for a very long time.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read a little bit about me and I am super excited to work with you all one day soon, so please feel free to leave any questions you have me or for Fable Studio Co.

Lots of love,


Director - Fable Studio.

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