Everything Happens For A Reason

How we met...

Yen and I first met at college. Both of us were studying Commercial Interior Design at Billy Blue College of Design. We were attending the same class Frameworks of Design on Tuesday morning. The class required each student to create a new product base on the current technologies and creations, plus we have to design the showcase for the product. Well, we have to eventually invent a THING. To make sure we were on the right direction, the tutor led us to talk about our habits or something we really loved. I still remember that Yen said she loves to paint and sold her painting on facebook. That was impressive! Someone could actually buy your painting?! Wow!

Along these two and half years, everybody in the class has built their own style. Yen’s style is total opposite from mine. We are deciding to show some of our works on next two blog entries, just so you can see how different we are!

I like simplicity and she is more detailed; I like solid concrete and she more towards the soft textile; I like black and white and she won’t give up on rainbows. We compliment each other’s advantages. I guess that is what a partner is meant to be.

Yen Nguyen

Yen Nguyen, Photographer Unknown


When Yen brought the name to me, my first impression was it's 'ADORABLE.' After she explained that fable means a short story, I immediately fell in love with this adorable name. What a name! A story! Who doesn't love stories! So many possibilities were spinning around in my head. We could help people tell their stories through our designs or we could create our stories through their stories. I love it!

“Let’s do it!”

Fable 3D letter handmade by Wendy Gao

3D letters handmade by Wendy Gao


It is easy when you say “Okay! Let’s do it”, but it is hard to make a commitment. Since both of us have passion to create a beautiful moment and both of us have our own design styles and stories, the business part comes naturally when things are meant to be.

It makes who we are today. Planning how to get into the industry and how to make us different is a big challenge for us so we would like to thank to all of our lovely friends who are continually supporting us! Thanks to them we are becoming more confident in this business.

Here we come, the unknown and exciting future.

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