The Meaning of Fable

Today is an exciting post about why we chose 'Fable' as our company name.

Both Wendy and myself love all things tales. We both grew up developing an appreciation for old myths and fables.

The best way to describe 'Fable' is a myth or type of story usually containing a moral lesson.

Rich story-telling tradition can be found in every country and religion.

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Fables are incredibly powerful, as they show the real power behind mesmerizing storytelling and have a real impact in teaching both children and adults the basic truth in life and the meaning of right from wrong.

Designers are storytellers who practice this artform as they produce a narrative for their work. This inspired narrative is a shared process from beginning to the end with their client.

Designing a space from scratch requires understanding the client's wants and needs.

The next step would be sourcing ideas and materials that would recreate or tell their story or the feeling they are after on their special day.

Here at Fable Studio Co, we work together in translating your ideas into real life moments creating spaces that can be celebrated in and not to be forgotten!

This is an exciting year and we are super excited to be part of the journey with you!

Look forward to our upcoming post as you get an insight into how Fable Studio began!

Love Yen xoxo

Director – Fable Studio Co

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